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The Tech-Savvy Supply Chain Practioner

In the rapidly evolving world of supply chain management, technological fluency is crucial for both supply chain effectiveness and personal effectiveness. Supply chain practitioners must embrace and understand technology to connect it with real-world processes and avoid failed implementations. Personal technological skills are equally important, as self-reliance in an increasingly self-service, do-it-yourself world is vital for success in the 21st-century supply chain industry.

RFID Hardware – What You Must Know

This report — RFID Hardware — is for two audiences. There is a primer for those who do not have RFID knowledge. Although we use the word primer, we think most people will still learn a bit about RFID, even if they are not a beginner. The second audience is those seeking knowledge about the players in the Market.

RFID in the Supply Chain

This month we have a contribution by Dr. Peter Harrop, Chairman of IDTechEX out of the UK. Peter has shared with us some different perspectives on RFID and its evolution and growth in the Supply Chain.

RFID will require Opting-In in Order to Gain Real Value

The text discusses the challenges retailers face in implementing effective customer recognition and loyalty programs, with a focus on the hurdles of privacy concerns, software application integration, hardware costs, technology capabilities, and cultural change among employees. It emphasizes the need for retailers and technology providers to “opt in” and address these obstacles to create a seamless and rewarding shopping experience for customers.

RFID Searches for a Home on the Range

The text discusses the potential uses of RFID technology in the livestock industry to track and identify animals, particularly in response to disease containment and food safety concerns. The article highlights the challenges of implementing the National Animal Identification System (NAIS) and the debate between voluntary market incentives and potential government regulations for RFID adoption in the cattle industry.

RFID in Clinical Settings

Authorities across the globe recognize the value of sharing patient and remedy data across a network of expert medical practitioners. The concept of “tele-medicine” has been positively received in several geographies, with medical teams collaborating across digital networks –sharing patient data, radiology and exploratory test results. A Single Version of the Truth – SVOT – in order to enable health care practitioners to work in collaboration, across the Chain of Care (Care Chain) is a vision that is achievable through the combination of wireless, wired and network technologies.

The Democracy Movement in Demand Management

Forecasting is an essential part of demand management, but firms often see forecasting as an unchanging, standalone activity. Truly, it’s an advancing piece of the demand management puzzle, complete with technology, collaboration, and innovation.

Demand Management Technology Evaluation:Best Practices and Technology Evaluation

The complexity of business today–working a myriad of partnerships with both the channel side and the transportation partners, as well as dealing with the challenges of fickle and surprising
markets–requires not only more visibility into ongoing operations, but more Intelligence to operate successfully. Leading companies continue to pursue and achieve significant improvements in business performance, through the adoption of innovative Demand
Management technologies.

Supply Chain Ready Network

PDF of Colleen Fitzpatrick’s Presentation on how networks are evolving to become “Supply Chain Ready”, including Cisco’s views and contributions, presented at Parallax Views 2005 (Banff).

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