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Last Mile Delivery Excellence – Part One: Perfecting the Customer’s Experience

Customers’ expectations for delivery excellence continue to climb for faster, error-free delivery, more granular visibility, more convenience, and increased flexibility. Here we discuss specific strategies and capabilities that leading companies are using to try and perfect the customer’s delivery experience, such as via hyperlocal delivery, dynamic dispatch and routing, adaptable workflows, dwell time reduction, real-time visibility, expanding the range of delivery windows, locations, and options, sustainable delivery, last minute rescheduling, and more

Agile Demand-Supply Alignment – Part 3F: Solution Assessments

This is our assessment of One Network, who has one of the most sophisticated/elegant architectures, providing a flexible and scalable multi-enterprise platform. We look at their intelligent control towers for autonomous supply chain management providing multi-tier, multiparty optimization, and automated planning and execution from inbound supply to outbound order fulfillment and logistics.

AI Is Reshaping Supply-Chain Jobs and Services

AI and ML are not taking over your job. But they will change things. To avoid digital displacement, employees have to prepare themselves now to be the leaders of using these capabilities, and the advisers to their companies based on the new insights.

Agile Demand-Supply Alignment – Part 2A

Agile Demand-Supply Alignment (ADSA) encompasses a broad range of organizational functions, processes, and systems across the enterprise and between trading partners, as enumerated in this article. We also delve into questions to ask ADSA solution providers, starting with questions about the data their platform ingests and the types of supply chain visibility provided.

AI Myths and Realities

By now, as consumers, we are all experiencing AI/Machine Learning in full force, whether we know it or not. But if you are responsible for selecting, implementing and/or using AI/Machine Learning in your Supply Chain, your perspective and need to know about it is far different. And unfortunately scanning the web for information is not particularly helpful.

Our purpose, therefore, is to take you on a journey of learning so you can make informed choices and get value from the innovations and solutions today.

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