RFID and related technologies (e.g. sensors, software)


First there were RFID hardware players. Then there were RFID middleware and track and trace platforms. Then there were IoT Platforms. The landscape is getting confused.

State of the Passive UHF RFID Market

In recent years, passive UHF RFID has experienced high volumes and strong growth for the first time. Here we present a summary of our UHF market report, as well as discussion on possible impacts for HF and NFC markets.

Passive UHF RFID Market 2015–2018

UHF RFID technology is experiencing relatively steady adoption at high volumes and healthy grow rates for the first time, founded on stable technology, reduced pricing, and a maturing ecosystem. This in-depth market report provides an overview of the UHF RFID Market, tag market size and growth projections, Reader market overview and innovations, and the impact of the cloud, software, and the Internet of Things on the RFID Market.

Understanding Real-World ROI for RFID in Retail

RFID-enabled retail technology is rapidly gaining momentum in the retail market. There are now many proof points that retailers can realize significant improvements in inventory accuracy for selected categories, with apparel leading the way. But how can you know if your retail category is a good candidate for RFID? In this paper we break down the question by examining the mechanisms that create benefits, the criteria that make categories suitable and examples of results from the field.

Ecosystem Maturity on Display at RFID Live

At the RFID Journal Live show, you can see everyone in the industry from chip makers through the top of the application stack. It was evident that the integration of those end-to-end components has come a long way.

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