RFID and related technologies (e.g. sensors, software)

The Intelligent Integrated Store: MIT Panel Discussion

lululemon, DSW, b8ta, and Zebra technologies presented on a panel at MIT about the intelligent integrated store their visions and current progress towards integrating the various functions, sensors, and systems in a retail store. The goal is to achieve a higher order of intelligence and detailed, granular, near real-time visibility into what is happening with each shopper, each associate, and each item in each store.

Road to Value for RFID in Retail: Part Three – Retailer’s RFID Roadmap

We describe a roadmap that starts with the high ROI use case of inventory management, using flexible/low-capital infrastructure, and then builds on that investment to implement other use cases to create further value, in areas such as omni-channel, display management, supply chain, and loss prevention.

ERP Innovations Digging Deeper

ERP companies continue to broaden their reach and deepen their solutions…
SYSPRO’s road to IoT and Machine Learning.

RFID and IoT at NRF 2016

This year’s NRF Big Show illustrated how far we’ve come with RFID in Retail and some exciting developments in IoT.

ERP and Supply Chain Innovations for Retail at NRF 2016

At this year’s NRF show, we saw some especially innovative new developments from ERP and supply chain vendors, such as behavior-based segmentation, automated allocation and replenishment, new clienteling capabilities, and ground-breaking work on user experience.

Omni-channel Across the World

We interviewed retailers around the world. Like some many other paths in life, we find we are not so different after all. But there are approaches that differ by culture and geography…

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