RFID and related technologies (e.g. sensors, software)

X-Factory: Part Two

PTC’s X-Factory shows a path to Industrie 4.0. Here we examine the assembly, testing and packaging, warehouse, production management, and solution integration for X-Factory.

X-Factory – Part One

X-Factory is a demonstration factory (making real products) created by PTC to help manufacturers visualize a path to the Smart Factory. Here we describe what makes a factory smart and get a look at the engineering, material handling, and chassis manufacturing stages.

Measuring Produce Freshness: Part Two – Meeting Customer Requirements

Improving produce freshness and quality requires a system bringing together the end-to-end temperature history of each pallet, knowledge of the temperature response of different varieties, capabilities to match each pallet’s condition-based expiration date with different customers’ requirements, and finally, prescribing simple actions to workers and supervisors to ensure the best match between remaining shelf life and customer need.

Connections 2017

Supply chain professionals have continued to establish a consistent foundation of achievement using traditional technologies such as Demand Planning and S&OP. And today they are embracing their digital, connected future.

A Potpourri of Predictions for 2017

Here are our predictions for 2017 on automation and autonomous vehicles, IoT, RFID, retail, trade and the world economy, energy, AI, analytics and machine learning, enterprise solutions, and agile development. Something for everyone!

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