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State of the Passive UHF RFID Market

In recent years, passive UHF RFID has experienced high volumes and strong growth for the first time. Here we present a summary of our UHF market report, as well as discussion on possible impacts for HF and NFC markets.

Level the RFID Adoption Playing Field and it will Benefit all Retailers

RFID delivers benefits to retailers who can get their stock tagged. But getting this done cost-effectively is easier for some retailers than others. If industry groups can find ways to level the playing field it will help RFID get to the “tipping point” sooner, benefiting everyone.

Impinj Launches xArray, New RFID Overhead Monitoring System

Impinj recently launched their new xArray, ceiling-mounted RFID reader system, intended to deliver “always on item intelligence.” Here we consider the industry implications and why it is a meaningful step forward for the RFID industry.

Many Lights Turning Green for Investors in RFID

This article explores how RFID has matured in the last several years, and examines the fundamentals that make it a potentially high-growth opportunity. Most investors would be surprised at the changes since the Walmart era, and those who know the status may find profit opportunities.

Comparing the Economics of Fixed vs. Handheld RFID Reader Options

By improving inventory accuracy, handheld-based RFID leads to significant revenue uplift for apparel retailers. However, fixed infrastructure solutions in development now promise added benefits for retailers, including predictive assessment of merchandising decisions, better customer service and more effective omni-channel implementations. This article previews an upcoming report that will analyze the economics of the various options for RFID hardware.

Eating the Elephant in One Gulp

Zebra’s move to acquire Motorola Solutions is either a visionary and bold move or fraught with danger, disappointment and compressing of potential. Eating in big gulps can lead to GERD.

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