Underlying Technologies

Technologies that underpin supply chain solutions such as AI/ML, analytics, IoT, SaaS, and ERP.

APS Implementation Truths

After significant negativity in the press, we decided to find out what the true story was — was APS worth it?

net.com’s Implementation of Valdero

net.com is going through a business and supply chain transformation. They have also implemented some next generation technology from Valdero to make it all work.

StorageTek Implementation of WorldChain

While people dream about integrating with their suppliers, StorageTek is doing it–and creating a win/win. Their network solution project with WorldChain is illuminating.

Jack London vs. TS Eliot: Enabling Technologies Require Vision & Spark!

Right now you have to go look up these guys if you don’t know who they are, and no apologies to readers who don’t know. Not only are they considered great writers in the 20th century, but they offer a stark contrast and frame the decision that you have-right now-for the future of your company and career!

Mid-Year Event Round-Up

Here are the highlights of the top event we attended. We couldn’t write about them all-but these are the ones that were most instructive.

New IT Portfolio for Today’s Supply Chain

The 90’s were an era of major systems overhaul and investments. Y2K was upon us as well as significant changes in technology. The word integration took on a business meaning, as in processes that might talk to each other in the enterprise…

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