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SaaS and cloud technology, it’s impact, implementation, etc.

Revving up the Engine of Growth at SuiteWorld 2019

NetSuite has seen healthy growth since they were acquired by Oracle. At SuiteWorld, we heard about their strategy to continue to accelerate that growth, leveraging Oracle assets, ongoing micro-vertical focus, use of machine learning in their control tower, launch of Brainyard and benchmarking, and more.

Epicor Insights 2016

At the annual user conference of Epicor Software, aptly called Insights, we saw their strategy for bringing along their customers as they continue to modernize their rich portfolio of mid-market enterprise solutions.

JDA Focus: Thought Leadership in Practice

As usual, there was a plethora of thought leadership at Focus, JDA’s annual conference. It seems they also realize thought leadership only counts if people actually implement it. They are increasingly focused on ease of implementation and use and broader adoption & so that all that integrated end-to-end intelligence turns into realized value.

Infor Alchemizing Legacy Solutions

Infor provides a great example of ongoing reinvention of a software firm: taking a collection of decades old applications, leveraging the deep and rich functionality developed and lessons learned over generations of actual on-the-ground use, and migrating all that IP and knowledge into modern cloud/network-based architectures that can compete well against ‘shiny new’ best-of-breed applications.

The Rise of the Agile Networked Platform

New networked technology platforms are co-evolving with new networked business models, together enabling companies to rapidly find, assess, and integrate with trading partners in order to swiftly create and deliver unique and valuable products and services.

Supplier Collaboration 2.0: Digital, Agile, Networked

Modern networked technology platforms are quietly revolutionizing the way businesses work with their suppliers. By allowing companies to rapidly find, assess, validate and integrate with suppliers, they have become a critical part of digitizing and sustaining the competitiveness of supply chains.

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