Technology Enablers

A broad category-anything that enables a company to meet its goals, primarily technology solutions.

Pallet-level Monitoring – Part One

Pallet-level monitoring enables a more intelligent approach to distribution—Intelligent distribution and FEFO inventory management (First Expired, First Out)—as well as providing the data needed to optimize end-to-end processes for maximum shelf life. Implementing these approaches can cut losses in half for retailers and growers.

AI in Supply Chain – Some Definitions

If we are going to invest in AI and Machine Learning technology with the goal to improve our Supply Chain performance, we must have a working knowledge of just what AI/ML is.

The media is filled with stories about AI. But there is scant information related to AI for the Supply Chain. Looking for some clarity? There are plenty of obtuse definitions on the web, but almost none of them tell you what AI does for Supply Chain. These definitions will.

The World of Integration – Part One: Necessary Nuisance or Enabler?

The topic of integration has been considered more of a hindrance, necessary evil, or afterthought in supply chain. Enterprise software companies who once pitched that you would “never need anything else” have also had to admit that, yes, integration is critical to the burgeoning portfolios they sell.

Business Priorities 2015: Part Two

ChainLink’s Business Priorities 2015 looks at the business as well as the technology priorities of today’s professionals in Supply Chain. Part Two focuses on the technology priorities and challenges.

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