A broad category-anything that enables a company to meet its goals, primarily technology solutions.

Omni-Channel Inventory: Getting the Big Picture

Retailers want to provide a great omni-channel experience. This requires a foundation of precise, real-time inventory visibility all the way from the supplier to the end consumer and everywhere in between.

SuiteWorld 2012

At this year’s SuiteWorld, NetSuite announced key architectural changes, their version of an omni-channel strategy, many new capabilities by vertical industry, and a new IDE for their SuiteCloud platform. In addition, I discuss NetSuite’s approach to getting deeper vertical functionality for their ERP customers.

Big Data

The data may be big, but is the information important?

Spend Analytics: Part 2 – Applications of Spend Analysis

The most common application of spend analysis is to identify potential cost savings. However, spend analytic systems can be and are used for much more than that. We explore here some of the common and novel ways that enterprises are using spend analytics.

Supply Chain Financial Network Platforms: Trade-Logistics-Visibility

Network platforms that integrate transportation carriers, shippers, consignees, and 3PLs can do more than provide transportation and logistics services. The connectivity and end-to-end visibility they provide offers the potential to reduce risks and transaction costs for banks and other lenders, lowering the cost of capital and increasing velocity across the supply chain.

Extending the Reach of the DC

Integrating logistics, all the way from the source plant through the DC onto the store shelf, reduces errors, exceptions and transit times.

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