Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Use of total cost analysis in sourcing and other decisions.

Leveraging Global Trade Data-as-a-Service: Part Two – Applications of Trade DaaS

Here we discuss applications of Trade DaaS including ERP/GTM integration, supply chain risk management, sourcing optimization, supplier discovery, price discovery, total landed cost, compliant duty optimization, should-cost modeling, ecommerce, real-time denied party screening, competitive intelligence, lead generation, and KYC.

Highlights from SuiteWorld

From new Omni-Channel capabilities, to integrated Service Resource Planning, great customer stories, and more, there were a lot of sweets at SuiteWorld.

Reversal of the Offshoring Tide

The past two decades have witnessed a massive shift of manufacturing from the U.S. to China. Now there are signs of a reversal. What are the implications for those responsible for managing these supply chains?

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