Supply-Side Disciplines

Supplier-facing topics, such as sourcing and procurement, financial supply chain, total cost of ownership, inventory management

Manhattan Momentum in Supply Chain and Stores

At Manhattan’s annual Momentum conference, we saw the fruits of years of architectural investments, culminating in their ‘Manhattan Active™ Solutions.’ As well, their continued progress to a complete, unified store solutions footprint, integrated with the supply chain backend, strengthening their position as a leader in the dynamic and hotly contested bricks and mortar retail/omni-channel space.

E2open Merges with Steelwedge: Demand/Supply Network Meets S&OP

E2open recently announced their merger with Steelwedge. This brings together a synergistic combination of E2open’s multi-enterprise trading partner network, including its rich demand- and supply-side supply chain applications, with Steelwedge’s leading S&OP/IBP capabilities.

Supply Chain Networks Are More Than Technology

Networks have been the focus on a revival in technology architecture for the last five years in supply chains. But not all networks are the same. The business partnerships and processes that are catalyzed by these federated models, create a profound path to business value.

Pallet-level Monitoring for the Fresh Food Supply Chain

Freshness of produce is a key competitive battleground for grocers. The common practice is to monitor the temperature of the field, cooler, trailer, and warehouse. By instead monitoring the temperature within each pallet–from the moment it is picked in the field until the end delivery at the retailer–smarter decisions can be made, based on that information, and losses can be cut in half for both the grower and the grocer.

Tradeshift’s Disruptive Potential

Tradeshift certainly has no shortage of ambition and big ideas. They started off as an invoice and payables automation network, then a procure-to-pay solution, then an extensible buy-side platform for source-to-pay and more. Now they are rolling out a platform providing on-demand, combination machine learning/AI/human concierge skilled services–initially for T&E procurement, but immediately after that for a much broader set of BPO services and much more.

Beyond the Control Zone – Part Three: Higher Value

Knowing we are in a global connected world is one thing, but what to do about it is another.
Importantly, businesses need to find benefits–not just react–and proactively embrace the way we are now.

Manhattan’s Continued Momentum into the Store

Manhattan may be best known for their warehouse management systems, but they are really breaking new ground with integrated in-store capabilities in meeting the challenges of today’s omni-channel retailers. Here are highlights from their annual conference, Momentum.

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