Financial Supply Chain

Primarily supply chain finance, secondarily enterprise financial functions and relationships

Reinventing Supply Chain Finance – Part 5: Operational and Strategic Benefits

Implementing a holistic approach to supply chain finance, with a connected trading partner network, can yield operational improvements (beyond the financial benefits). These include reduction in errors, chargebacks, and non-value-add communications, simpler supplier connectivity, streamlined process efficiencies, and improvements in supplier performance.

Reinventing Supply Chain Finance

Procurement, supply chain, and finance professionals each have their own individual perspective on when, where, and how supply chain finance can be used. Here we take a broader perspective, ‘holistic supply chain finance,’ and discuss the potential it holds to unlock strategic value.

Retailer Collaboration: Managing the Supply Side

We frequently think of retail in terms of merchandising, but these days the supply side is just as interesting, whether it’s product design or collaboration with suppliers for transportation, forecasting, or financial optimization.

GT Nexus User Conference – Bridges 2014

Having attended my first Bridges in 2004 in San Francisco and seeing it again ten years later, it is impressive to see the growth. Ten years — ten times the growth.

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