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Product traceability and track & trace applications, technologies, processes, implementation, and strategies.

Measuring Produce Freshness: Part One – Ensuring Delivered Freshness

Freshness ‘blindness’ causes a lot of waste in produce supply chains. Here we explain the role of the Condition-based Expiration Date–a critical element to solving this problem. We look at what it takes to create a reliable and accurate algorithm that models deterioration of different varieties of produce exposed to different temperature histories.

Pallet-level Monitoring for the Fresh Food Supply Chain

Freshness of produce is a key competitive battleground for grocers. The common practice is to monitor the temperature of the field, cooler, trailer, and warehouse. By instead monitoring the temperature within each pallet–from the moment it is picked in the field until the end delivery at the retailer–smarter decisions can be made, based on that information, and losses can be cut in half for both the grower and the grocer.

The Coming Wave of Pharma Supply Chain Regulations: Insights from TraceLink NEXUS ’15

New regulations across the globe are coming into effect, requiring pharmaceutical manufacturers, distributors, dispensers, and others up and down the chain to build serialization, verification, and traceability into the supply chain. At TraceLink’s NEXUS ’15 conference, we learned a lot about the impact of these new requirements, how companies are responding, and whether there is an ROI beyond compliance.

A Hot Summer

The hot market for Mergers and Acquisitions continues; and these deals are pretty big, overall.
Last month we showcased several M&As. But that seems to be just the beginning of the story…

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