Supply Chain Networks

Solution connecting multiple organizations into a network. Differentiated from B2B networks in that supply chain networks provide significant functionality running in the network, beyond just inter-enterprise messaging.

Agile Demand – Supply Alignment – Part 3C: Solution Assessments

Here we assess E2open, the largest pure cloud supply chain solution provider. E2open has acquired many ADSA-relevant best-of-breed applications such as multi-tier supplier and outsourced manufacturing management, transportation and logistics, global trade management, demand sensing, S&OP/business planning, and multi-tier channel management.

Supply Chain Orchestration: Part Three

A major automotive OEM buys steel for its entire supply base. In the process, it has been able to rationalize the materials specifications for all of that steel, resulting in consolidated spend, more efficient use of inventory, and more flexibility.

Analytics Advantage – Part 1A: Democratization

We explore the kinds of data being produced by transportation and logistics systems, how that data can be used to create a data-driven enterprise, and the substantial obstacles to achieving an analytic advantage.

Solving Multi-Enterprise Challenges With Supply-Chain Application Networks

Supply Chain Application Networks provide more than just multi-enterprise messaging and supply chain visibility. Multi-enterprise planning and execution functionality is built into these networks, in areas such as transportation, sourcing and procurement, demand collaboration, and outsourced production management.

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