Service Supply Chain

Supply chain to provide service, repair, maintenance, and implementation, including spare parts supply chain, repair equipment supply chain, technician/resource management, etc.

2021, The Year of Opportunity – Rebuilding Anew

Though the challenges that emerged in 2020 are far from over, 2021 is nevertheless a year of tremendous opportunities—for companies, whole industries, individuals, supply chains, and governments. Here we lay out some of these historic opportunities of the current moment—chances to seize the moment and make some dramatic changes that would not be possible in normal times.

Agile Demand-Supply Alignment – Part 1C

There are specific capabilities that help companies excel at demand-supply alignment. Here we look at some examples such as In-Season Re-ordering, Agile Compliance with Customer Mandates, Channel and Market Flexibility, and Leadtime Reduction.

Agile Demand-Supply Alignment – Part 1B

Here we present a framework of the elements of ADSA: entailing how a company becomes aware of supply disruptions or demand volatility, how they gain an understanding of the current situation, prioritize and decide on a set of actions, execute those actions, and monitor progress.

Agile Demand-Supply Alignment – Part 1A

The capability to effectively realign supply and demand, during execution, in the face of demand volatility and supply disruptions, has become critical for survival and success. The global pandemic has simply put a giant exclamation point on the uncertainty that retailers, distributors, and manufacturers have always had to contend with.”

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