Supply Chain Networks

Technologies and strategies for networks for trading partners

Quality is Free

The US auto industry was turned upside down by the Japanese, who relentlessly followed Deming’s teachings. In mature industries, it’s more important that products be reliable and inexpensive than be overwhelmingly innovative.

From the Editor

Ann’s editorial for the October 2004 issue…

The Support Economy

Many corporations have failed the customer; they focus on transactions, rather than customers. I recently talked to Shoshana Zuboff and James Maxmin, co-authors of The Support Economy, Why Corporations are Failing Individuals and the Next Episode of Capitalism, who have inspiring and radical ideas, as well as a proposal for the new corporation…

The Data Explosion

RFID and wireless usage will drive up data transactions by ten fold over the next few years. It is likely that a significant re-addressing of the infrastructure will be required-in the enterprise and the global bandwidth.

Cooperation and Competition in Retailer-Supplier Relationships

They are the best of friends. They are the worst of enemies. That is the paradox of the retailer-supplier relationship: that on the one hand only by a true, close, strategic partnership can both sides succeed, yet on the other hand there is a constant struggle to get the upper hand.

The Future : SmallSmartFast, Scary and Fun!

When we contemplate the future, it’s exciting, but we think of the Sting song, every step you take…I’ll be watching you. Read The Future is SmartSmartFast Fun and Scary

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