Supply Chain Networks

Technologies and strategies for networks for trading partners

Solectron’s Service Success

PDF of Joe Tou’s Presentation on how Solectron provides Outcomes to their customers with Aftermarket Service, at Parallax Views 2005 (Banff).

Supply Chain Ready Network

PDF of Colleen Fitzpatrick’s Presentation on how networks are evolving to become “Supply Chain Ready”, including Cisco’s views and contributions, presented at Parallax Views 2005 (Banff).

Introduction to ChainLink Research

This 10-minute overview presented by ChainLink CEO, Ann Grackin discusses the impact of changing business models on the supply chain.

On Demand Now

There is an end-user revolution going on. Enterprise Software customers are fed up with over-promising and under-delivering by vendors — key functionality that was in the sales deck or demo but never showed up in the product or was delayed for years; vendors that “take the money and run,” once initial installation is completed; and ROI that never materialized. Of course, there have been many success stories as well, but the reality is that the traditional technology sales model never did a particularly good job of facilitating an alignment of goals between the customer and the vendor. As a result, vendors who focused almost exclusively on sales as the only goal often did not stick around to ensure that the value of their product was realized for their customers.

Quality is Free

The US auto industry was turned upside down by the Japanese, who relentlessly followed Deming’s teachings. In mature industries, it’s more important that products be reliable and inexpensive than be overwhelmingly innovative.

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