Autonomous Supply Chains

Supply chains that run without human intervention and the technology that enables them to do so. This refers primarily to software systems that make decisions and perform tasks previously performed by human planners and workers (execution), though it may also include machinery, such as autonomous vehicles or autonomous factory equipment.

The Case for Autonomous Long-Haul Trucking

Predictions for rollout of driverless cars have shifted from “before 2020” to “after 2030”. Here we explore the many reasons we will likely see driverless long-haul trucking in a hub-to-hub model well before driverless cars are plying our city streets.

X-Factory: Part Two

PTC’s X-Factory shows a path to Industrie 4.0. Here we examine the assembly, testing and packaging, warehouse, production management, and solution integration for X-Factory.

X-Factory – Part One

X-Factory is a demonstration factory (making real products) created by PTC to help manufacturers visualize a path to the Smart Factory. Here we describe what makes a factory smart and get a look at the engineering, material handling, and chassis manufacturing stages.

IoT and AI with SYSPRO

Some vendors’ AI and IoT offerings are comprised of tool sets (build-it-yourself) and/or obscure modeling systems usable only by experts. In contrast, SYSPRO’s latest ERP release includes pragmatic and ready-to-use AI and IoT applications for manufacturing.

Autonomous! Insights from ToolsGroup’s TG18 User Conference

Future supply chain jobs will be different than jobs of the past. That we know. Technology, in the past, had increased the role of planners, expanding their analytical capabilities and scope.

Today, technology is moving ahead, forging a new path, one that we cannot fully glean; and it may reduce the presence of planners in the office landscape. However, planners can gain greater scope and authority with the use of this increased analytical power. But they must learn to understand and control the technology to control their future.

What one software company is doing to help build that future.

Trends, Threats and Opportunities

We are rapidly approaching the 3rd decade in the 21st century. Is the singularity upon us? Autonomous robots and sensors. AI/analytics and IoT. What will these technologies along with the huge shift in worldwide population portend for our future? Will it be a world of insecurities and shortage or innovation and abundance?

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