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IoT and AI with SYSPRO

Some vendors’ AI and IoT offerings are comprised of tool sets (build-it-yourself) and/or obscure modeling systems usable only by experts. In contrast, SYSPRO’s latest ERP release includes pragmatic and ready-to-use AI and IoT applications for manufacturing.

Trends, Threats and Opportunities

We are rapidly approaching the 3rd decade in the 21st century. Is the singularity upon us? Autonomous robots and sensors. AI/analytics and IoT. What will these technologies along with the huge shift in worldwide population portend for our future? Will it be a world of insecurities and shortage or innovation and abundance?

LiveWorx 17

LiveWorx 17 continues to gain momentum as PTC’s premiere IoT event. PTC conferences have consistently drawn large crowds, but the IoT component has really taken off with both end users as well as partners.

Supply Chain Networks Are More Than Technology

Networks have been the focus on a revival in technology architecture for the last five years in supply chains. But not all networks are the same. The business partnerships and processes that are catalyzed by these federated models, create a profound path to business value.

The World of Integration – Part One: Necessary Nuisance or Enabler?

The topic of integration has been considered more of a hindrance, necessary evil, or afterthought in supply chain. Enterprise software companies who once pitched that you would “never need anything else” have also had to admit that, yes, integration is critical to the burgeoning portfolios they sell.

Transportation Management – Who Pays?

Understanding pricing in the transportation market is difficult for buyers. But the more sobering question is: will the TM market follow other sectors with giveaways and freeware?

Google and JDA Team Up

For decades, Demand Management and Retail have been begging for smarter customer segmentation and analytics. That day may have come…

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