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Google and JDA Team Up

For decades, Demand Management and Retail have been begging for smarter customer segmentation and analytics. That day may have come…

Are You an ‘IoT’ Company?

We all know the IoT space is hot. But should a company position themselves or their product as “IoT”… or Smart, Cloud, Connected, or any of those buzzwords?

ERP 2014… The Path to Greatness

As a new year dawns for the ERP market, the question to ask is: Is the ERP provider on the path to greatness – or not?

IT vs. OT in Manufacturing: How Will Convergence Play Out?

For much of the last 50 years, IT and OT (Operational Technology) have remained two separate and different worlds. Much of the M&A that has occurred over the last decade has been about consolidation by a few mega-vendors within the IT and OT spaces. As these two worlds come together, how will convergence play out? Will it result in a better outcome for manufacturing customers?

Big Trends for Business 2013

Forecast and Priorities for 2013. Slowing globalization but increasing IT spend in most sectors, preview of business priorities for 2013, sector-specific technology trends, and much more.

Collaboration Technologies: Part One – Convergence

(This Three Part series is now combined into a Full Report available HERE.)

Lately, the market has been glutted with the ‘collaboration’ message. Seems like everyone wants to present their product as a collaboration solution. But are they collaboration solutions?

Defining collaboration is in itself a wily problem. Here at ChainLink we have been defining it in our article and blog series (see the Collaboration Collection).

What is collaboration technology? Today there are many sectors in the tech market that call themselves collaboration. From video to web meeting, IM, and software for content creation, product design, Supply Chain and Project Management, the list is diverse.

Consider telepresence, for example. We see great expansion of telepresence in home applications. It’s very useful to monitor the home and communicate with loved ones. But is that collaboration? Or webinars, which have been used effectively for over a decade in sales and marketing, as well as for team meetings. Even in the team meeting, there are more technologies required to back up the web meeting to complete a collaborative experience. And recently, humorously, we got a press release for storage and back-up touting itself as a collaboration product. It seems we’re stretching this a bit too far!

Lately there has been a convergence of technologies. Many tech players are partnering. Many have acquired technology and delivered it across the unified communication platform. In fact, our research shows that it is the convergence of these multiple technologies that finally achieves the goal of collaboration. The standalone products, though useful for many activities and supportive of important interactions, do not, on their own, create successful collaboration.

What you will learn in this report:

1- Collaborative Foundation. What are the three elements of a collaboration suite? What are the forces in the market that are driving us to suites vs. stovepipe offerings?
2- What is the right solution for you? Defining the Purpose, Role and Functional views of collaboration solutions.
3- Solution Providers. Who are they? How are they positioned in the market? How can you create a true solution out of the components?

In Part Two we delve into defining the Purpose, Role and Functional views of collaboration solutions, so that you can understand who will use and apply the technology.

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