Small and Medium Business–solutions, practices, news, trends specific to these

Revving up the Engine of Growth at SuiteWorld 2019

NetSuite has seen healthy growth since they were acquired by Oracle. At SuiteWorld, we heard about their strategy to continue to accelerate that growth, leveraging Oracle assets, ongoing micro-vertical focus, use of machine learning in their control tower, launch of Brainyard and benchmarking, and more.

Growing the Network Effect Beyond T&E

SAP Concur recently launched SAP Business Exchange. The vision is bold: to provide an SMB community—across all of SAP and beyond to non-SAP customers—that aggregates purchasing power, provides peer benchmarking, facilitates collaboration, and promotes corporate responsibility. Also at Fusion, we heard about SAP Concur’s continuing progress towards the expense report that writes itself, their use of AI/ML, and other innovations enabling SAP Concur’s clients to simultaneously achieve compliance and employee satisfaction in T&E processes.

SAP Concur: Consumerization at Work

SAP Concur’s products in Travel, Expense, and Invoice are good examples of how enterprise software is being ‘consumerized’ to encourage use by employees who have increasingly higher UX expectations.

SAP’s New SMB Business Unit

SAP’s just-announced new business unit is aspiring to deliver simplicity, choice, and rapid ROI to small and mid-sized companies.

NetSuite Goes Natural

Natural, Organics and Nutraceuticals market is an emerging, exploding yet complex business. Read about these two young companies on the way up with cloud enablement.

Small and Midsized Companies Have Big Company Needs

Small and midsized businesses (SMBs) have many of the same complexities as large corporations, but with a very different set of constraints. As a result, in the past SMBs did not have access to the same depth of solution functionality available to large enterprises. Increasingly that picture is changing.

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