Policy (Business & Government)

A broad category–on company/institute policies, both formal (written) and informal (implicit)

RFID Searches for a Home on the Range

The text discusses the potential uses of RFID technology in the livestock industry to track and identify animals, particularly in response to disease containment and food safety concerns. The article highlights the challenges of implementing the National Animal Identification System (NAIS) and the debate between voluntary market incentives and potential government regulations for RFID adoption in the cattle industry.

The Border Swings Both Ways

The United States-Mexico border is a large source of controversy in American politics. The economics surrounding immigration, both legal and illegal, are a critical area to take a closer look at.

Securing Cargo

In a post-WWII and post-9/11 world, trade security remains a critical topic. In this article, we take a close look at the security of our ports, or the lack thereof.

Adding Ethics To Engineering Education

Editor’s Intro: In 1985 a business survey found that engineers were the highest rated professional on ethics. Politicians, lawyers and doctors were the lowest. Now it is 2006, with lots of development work outsourced to other nations who may have dubious Intellectual Property Rights protection. Who will protect this other than our own professional standards? This discussion on ethics in the engineering profession is timely! And for Parallax View readers, we hope, just the beginning! -A.G.-

Tectonic Shifts

PDF of Ann Grackin’s Presentation on the Tectonic Shifts in Nations, Economies, Enterprises and Technology at Parallax Views 2005 (Banff). For distribution only to conference attendees and paying ChainLink subscribers, please.

Introduction to ChainLink Research

This 10-minute overview presented by ChainLink CEO, Ann Grackin discusses the impact of changing business models on the supply chain.

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