Managed / Outsourced Services

Business models and practices involving outsourcing of functions from one organization to another, allowing companies to focus on core competencies. The evolution from product to service to outcome-based business models.

Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarders at the Crossroads

At the crossroads, many freight forwarders have some fundamental questions as they contemplate the road ahead. What will we provide our customers in the future? How can we continue to grow and win business–profitably?

Meeting the Outsourcing Challenge

Our latest research explores the key reasons why companies outsource their manufacturing and/or logistics, the challenges they face, and how they are overcoming those challenges.

JDA’s Opportunity for Reinvention

With the RedPrairie merger and past acquisitions, JDA has amassed what is arguably the most powerful collection of supply chain planning and execution software on the planet. At their recent annual conference, they laid out their strategy for turning that collection of assets into a more cohesive and value-generating whole.

Co-Managing Supplier Risk: Part 2 – A Case for Co-managing

A new approach offers the potential to manage risk across your entire supply base without breaking the bank. Your most highly paid resources can focus on strategic high-value work, while tactical tasks are co-managed by a third party.

Winning at Home Delivery

Home delivery is the new battlefront in retail. In this report we uncover the myths and the best practices across the globe.

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