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The Best of Times, the Worst of Times – Outlook and Actions for 2021 and Beyond

Yes, the Covid-19 pandemic is having colossal impact on our economy and our lives. But looking beyond the pandemic, the planet, society and supply chains are facing challenges as big or not bigger in this new decade. These are dilemmas that will—and are—confronting the heart of our values and responsibilities as supply chain professionals and the organizations we support.
This article examines what are the forces that have created these dilemmas and what can we do about them going forward.

Descartes Scores More Points in the Visibility Game with Acquisition of MacroPoint

Lack of precision to create reliable outcomes plagues the logistics process. With zeal and lots of money, companies are trying to plug the hole in visibility with a huge array of systems and technology. Of late, billions of dollars have been poured into the Logistics technology market to provide end-to-end visibility.

Healthy Growth and Innovations Highlighted at Ariba Live

SAP Ariba is getting serious about managing direct materials spend, as well as innovating in areas such as machine learning, blockchain, integrating with other networks, and more. We explore these and other highlights from this year’s Ariba Live conference.

NetSuite’s Post-Acquisition Future

Oracle’s acquisition of NetSuite last year was big news in the enterprise solutions arena. At SuiteWorld, we got a sense of what this will mean for NetSuite and its customers.

Epicor Insights 2016

At the annual user conference of Epicor Software, aptly called Insights, we saw their strategy for bringing along their customers as they continue to modernize their rich portfolio of mid-market enterprise solutions.

The Cost of Delay

What are the real costs and impacts of delays in technology decision-making? Companies take a long time evaluating software. They brood about ROI. But they rarely think about what it is costing them while they are busy making up their mind–what is the cost of delay. They may be losing sales, expending cash, and continuing to tie up working capital. Our research describes what it costs when you can’t make up your mind.

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