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Agile Demand – Supply Alignment – Part 3C: Solution Assessments

Here we assess E2open, the largest pure cloud supply chain solution provider. E2open has acquired many ADSA-relevant best-of-breed applications such as multi-tier supplier and outsourced manufacturing management, transportation and logistics, global trade management, demand sensing, S&OP/business planning, and multi-tier channel management.

Analytics Advantage – Part 3A

Analytics can be used to improve carrier performance, enabling data-driven negotiations, improving delivery performance, reliability, responsiveness, and information sharing.

Analytics Advantage – Part 2B

The mandatory adoption of ELDs provides all kinds of data that can be used to improve driver performance in many ways. Analytics can also be used to improve route and service planning, optimizing the cost of service tradeoffs.

Analytics Advantage – Part 2A

How shippers and carriers can leverage analytics to improve the performance of their private fleets using near-real-time shipment location data, combined with customer orders, routing plans, electronic proof-of-delivery data, service/work order schedules, vehicle inspection/maintenance data, and other sources of data.

Transparent Cost-to-Serve Customer Relationships (TCR) – Part Two: The Journey to TCR

With Transparent Cost-to-serve Customer Relationships (TCR), the salesperson has full visibility into the cost-to-serve implications of the customers’ requests, such as requests for short-supply items, special services, custom pack sizes, specific delivery dates, and frequent small quantity orders. Here we examine a potential path to achieving TCR.

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