Business Process

A broad category–the business processes by which an organization operates, whether formally defined or informally understood/practice.

Transformation at the DoD

PDF of Lora Muchmore’s Presentation on the transformation of the DoD’s Supply Chain, presented at Parallax Views 2005 (Banff).

Surviving and Thriving in the Global Marketplace

For any entity to thrive, it must constantly reassess its ideas and positions. And if your customers are constantly evolving, expecting better results faster and reassessing their needs and values — shouldn’t your firm?

Introduction to ChainLink Research

This 10-minute overview presented by ChainLink CEO, Ann Grackin discusses the impact of changing business models on the supply chain.

Forecasting – The Endless Search

We have talked for years about the many who are on an endless search for the “silver bullet” to increase in stock, anticipate demand, and have the goods in the right place at the right time. Most continue to look for the perfect forecasting system to address their needs.

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