Business Process

A broad category–the business processes by which an organization operates, whether formally defined or informally understood/practice.

Connections 2017

Supply chain professionals have continued to establish a consistent foundation of achievement using traditional technologies such as Demand Planning and S&OP. And today they are embracing their digital, connected future.

Why Quality Consistency Matters

About 30% of harvested produce is wasted. The profitability of each player in the food chain is impacted by this inconsistent quality and control. There are tremendous opportunities to improve. Here we look at the issues of the fresh food supply chain and offer some diagnosis and remedies.

Playing the Beer Game with JDA

The Beer Game provides supply chain planners with the opportunity to see how Flowcasting can improve supply chain performance and increase their competitiveness in consumer markets.

Are You an ‘IoT’ Company?

We all know the IoT space is hot. But should a company position themselves or their product as “IoT”… or Smart, Cloud, Connected, or any of those buzzwords?

Field Service Revitalization

Dynamic economy, new technology and transforming business models are catalysts for a growing service software sector.

To Have or to Hold

Managing product portfolios to avoid SKU proliferation and gain profits.

Spotlight on Direct Materials Procure-to-Pay: Part 1

Research (survey/interview 120 manufacturers) on the four stages of the direct materials P2P lifecycle: 1) Demand-to-Confirm, 2) Build-Change-Deliver, 3) Receive-Inspect-Accept, and 4) Invoice-Reconcile-Pay.

Spotlight on Direct Materials Procure-to-Pay: Part 2

This is the second part of a comprehensive two-part series that presents the outcomes of extensive research on Procure-to-Pay (P2P) processes specifically for direct materials. This section examines the intricate landscape of IT systems integral to P2P processes, encompassing a framework for assessing and choosing P2P systems and detailing eight real-world P2P solutions.

Retailer Collaboration: Myth or Reality?

The theme of the recent RVCF conference was Collaboration. The move to getting better performance from suppliers and retailers ultimately depends on it. Read on for real results.

Customer Stories from Ariba LIVE 2014

The journey and lessons from three engaging customer stories — how they moved to centralized procurement, achieved sustainable savings, understood cost drivers, used cost modeling in negotiations, and more.

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