A broad category–the business processes by which an organization operates, whether formally defined or informally understood/practice.

Direct Materials P2P — Part One: Introduction

The procure-to-pay process (P2P) for direct materials resists standardization and automation. As the critical execution phase of source and procurement, it is where the rubber meets the road for inbound materials. This is the first in a series on direct P2P, based on our primary research interviews and surveys we conducted.

Playing the Beer Game with JDA

The Beer Game provides supply chain planners with the opportunity to see how Flowcasting can improve supply chain performance and increase their competitiveness in consumer markets.

Cold Chains are Hot! Revised

Tsunamis, hurricanes, landslides — in responding to the needs of the victims of these natural disasters, the effective delivery of food, pharmaceuticals and life saving products are now in the spotlight. Supply challenges related to transportation,infrastructure and other issues require careful planning and coordination.

Spend Analytics: Part 4 – Steps in the Spend Analysis Process

Attaining value from spend analytic projects requires setting explicit goals, a good foundation of data hygiene, the right level of classification, great analyst skills, and last but not least – decisive improvement actions must be taken.

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