Organizational Performance

A broad category – Anything related to the performance of companies and institutions, including measurement of performance (metrics, ESG), and improvement of performance (best practices, etc.)

Achieving Consistent Produce Quality: Applying Quality Management Methodologies to the Cold Chain

For decades, manufacturers have used statistical process control and related process disciplines to continually reduce process variation, minimize waste, and reliably create products consistently conforming to precise specifications. In contrast, the produce industry does not have a tradition of strong process controls. There is a major opportunity to dramatically improve produce quality and shelf life by adopting modern process disciplines.

Reinventing Supply Chain Finance

Procurement, supply chain, and finance professionals each have their own individual perspective on when, where, and how supply chain finance can be used. Here we take a broader perspective, ‘holistic supply chain finance,’ and discuss the potential it holds to unlock strategic value.

Customer Stories from Ariba LIVE 2014

The journey and lessons from three engaging customer stories — how they moved to centralized procurement, achieved sustainable savings, understood cost drivers, used cost modeling in negotiations, and more.

Suppliers: A Proven Competitive Weapon You May be Overlooking

Some authors have suggested that strategic sourcing is often done in a win-lose style, without true collaboration between buyer and seller. Nothing could be further from the truth, as a win-lose relationship is the antithesis to strategic sourcing done the right way. Strategic sourcing, done right, can become a real competitive advantage.

Supply Chain’s Christmas Checklist

As the holiday season approaches, this document presents a comprehensive checklist of practices and actionable suggestions to optimize supply chain performance amidst volatile conditions, encompassing areas from demand to inventory management and transportation. While retailers gear up for holiday sales, this report highlights key considerations including changing financing dynamics, global compliance challenges, inventory staging strategies, and the impact of transportation cost increases, all of which have significant implications for supply chain agility and success.

Business Priorities 2013 – Research Results

Volatility is the New Normal.

ChainLink’s survey of businesses about their priorities for 2013 reveals how they are coping with the ongoing economic volatility, their strategies for growth, IT investment goals and plans, and technology platform choices. Register (complimentary) or login below to read this report.

Big Trends for Business 2013

Forecast and Priorities for 2013. Slowing globalization but increasing IT spend in most sectors, preview of business priorities for 2013, sector-specific technology trends, and much more.

Performance Management Collection

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  1. Kate Vitasek’s article on The Building Blocks of Successful Performance Management describes components to performance management beyond the traditional key financial performance indicators.
  2. Bill McBeath’s article, Achieving Peak Performance in Today’s Value Chains describes how more outsourcing changes key performance drivers: people, power, processes, and policies.
  3. The Next Phase of Supplier Performance Management in the Retail Industry, by Mark Jones, shows suppliers how to deal with retailers’ increasing use of vendor scorecards to manage, reward, and punish suppliers.
  4. In Assessing Supply Chain Performance: Time for a Fresh Perspective?, Sree Hameed discusses leading vs. lagging indicators and focus on supply chain capabilities, to managing future variability and uncertainty.

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