A broad category – Anything related to the performance of companies and institutions, including measurement of performance (metrics, ESG), and improvement of performance (best practices, etc.)

Big Trends for Business 2013

Forecast and Priorities for 2013. Slowing globalization but increasing IT spend in most sectors, preview of business priorities for 2013, sector-specific technology trends, and much more.

Compliance Rocks?

Compliance reduces friction and cost in the supply chain: Lessons from the Vendor Compliance Federation.


Ten things you should know if you are seeking an investment.

Building a High-Performance Organization – Part Three

What do individual contributors want from their employers in 2011? Good educational programs, opportunities for advancement, more frequent and meaningful communication by management, and an innovative work environment. These are often overlooked by managers and executives and represent key opportunities for retaining top talent.

Building a High-Performance Organization – Part Two

Survey respondents told us that better communications and education are some of the ways they expect to deal with their top personnel concerns. We also look at what they said about their 2011 budgets. The findings are encouraging, but with caveats.

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