ESG, Sustainability, Environmental Responsibility–especially as relates to supply chains

Realizing Africa’s Potential – Part One

Africa possesses vital natural and human resources that the rest of the world will desperately need this century. Sadly, these resources are being decimated by autocratic regimes, corruption, and conflicts. Profits from natural resources are pilfered by despots and their supporters, rather than being reinvested in African countries’ infrastructure, education, and healthcare.

It’s Late. Do You Know Where Your Supply Chain Is?

The Russo-Ukrainian war has put into focus the question of the proper role for responsible enterprises in response to abuses by authoritarian regimes. Here we look at some of the challenges and solutions to managing an ethical supply chain.

The Ethical Supply Chain Practitioner – Part Two: Labor and Ethical Business Practices

A look at how to ensure that suppliers are treating their workers fairly, paying living wages, not using forced labor, providing a safe working environment, allowing collective bargaining, have non-discriminatory hiring practices, and ethical business practices. These are required not only to minimize reputational risk, but to underpin a company’s purpose and identity as a force for good in the world.

The Ethical Supply Chain Practitioner – Part One: The Social Responsibility Imperative

Supply chain practitioners and executives are in a unique position to help change the world for the better by their influence over global supply chains’ labor conditions, environmental footprint, and ethical practices. In this first in a series, we examine what is driving increasing corporate social responsibility and the desire by employees to do meaningful work and make a difference in the world.

Blockchain, Identity, and CSR in 2018

Here we explore three topics we believe will be key in 2018: Blockchain (and its use cases for supply chain), trends in Identity Management, and the increasing importance of Corporate Social Responsibility for our supply chains and the world.

Transparency, Compliance and Ethics are Needed in the Global Supply Chain

With the Dodd-Frank Act’s conflict minerals legislation coming into effect, many companies are working hard to create ethical frameworks in their supply chains. Supply Chain Brain recently highlighted the work of HP in this regard. HP is an example of a company who has been diligently working on sustainability and ethics for at least a decade. Clearly ethical practices and transparency across the chain are needed. Companies and individuals can make the difference in how safe and fair our supply chains can be. This report looks at why this has become so important and how to proceed.

Good Old Natural Gas… the ‘Next Big Thing’ in Energy?

Natural gas seems to be in the headlines everywhere recently. From T. Boone Pickens’s plan to Exxon’s proposed merger with U.S. natural-gas producer XTO Energy Inc., to Xcel Energy Inc.’s plan to move from coal to gas generation capabilities. Seen as a way to achieve energy security, and cleaner burning than oil or coal, natural gas may be staging a comeback. In the future, many more of our goods and materials may move via natural gas-powered trucks.

High Tech Supply Chain –

Creating and maintaining sustainable and green business practices is a growing challenge for Electronics firms. As consumers obsess on the latest electronics gadgets and demand for all things electronic increases, demand for mined precious metals increases. On the reverse side, electronic waste grows. The UN has recently published several reports and articles…

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