Risk Management

Anything related to managing and avoiding risks, but especially supply chain risk

Introduction to ChainLink Research

This 10-minute overview presented by ChainLink CEO, Ann Grackin discusses the impact of changing business models on the supply chain.

The Third Paradigm

Over the last few years, we have evolved supply chain practices and systems from industrial age concepts to the information age; an age rich with connectivity and data. This has allowed us to change the foundational structure on how we manage the enterprise.

Supply Risk and Flexibility Management at Agilent

In the fall of 2000 Agilent was faced with one of the steepest ramps in demand for test equipment ever encountered in the semiconductor industry. As markets heated up, unforeseen supply constraints pushed out standard component lead times by as many as 50 weeks, leading to expediting costs and gaps in supply that cut into both margins and revenue.

A Real Options Perspective on Supply Chain Management in High Technology

Managing Risk in the Supply Chain continues to be a key issue in all industries. Lack of product on the shelf causes a drop in valuation and revenues across the whole chain. Originally published in Journal of Applied Corporate Finance. A definite read for the Supply Chain Community!

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