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What Matters Most; Seventh Generation

Recently we talked to Jeffrey Hollender, CEO of Seventh Generation (an environmentally responsible producer of home products), and author of What Matters Most[1].

Demanding Times: Next Generation Demand Management

Achieving excellence in demand management-discovering, creating, growing, and fulfilling demand-is the core of market leadership. In the 90’s, many saw APS systems and later CPFR as the ‘holy grail’ to solve forecasting and demand management problems. While these did result in some improvements, here we are a decade later, and many companies have thrown up their hands, accepting poor forecast accuracies, to focus almost exclusively on execution improvements and lead-time reductionas the only way to improve demand management.

The Future : SmallSmartFast, Scary and Fun!

When we contemplate the future, it’s exciting, but we think of the Sting song, every step you take…I’ll be watching you. Read The Future is SmartSmartFast Fun and Scary

Supply Chain Portfolio – Q1 2004

Here we are in the New Year. So, what should the going forward picture be of the Supply Chain portfolio? Something old, something new, something from a service provider, something blue (figure 1). OK, enough of that…

International Trade or ITL Adoption

Winning retailers’ philosophy of business is that every product not sitting in front of a customer is an inefficient use of capital.

Supplier Parks – Back to the Future

As supply chains become increasingly integrated and synchronized, we are witnessing the evolution of the business/production models (in some industries) that merge virtual integration with elements of the older vertically integrated enterprise.

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