Transportation and Logistics Systems

Systems for transportation management, distribution and warehouse management, yard management, reverse logistics

The Case for Autonomous Long-Haul Trucking

Predictions for rollout of driverless cars have shifted from “before 2020” to “after 2030”. Here we explore the many reasons we will likely see driverless long-haul trucking in a hub-to-hub model well before driverless cars are plying our city streets.

Analytics Advantage – Part 3B

A ‘self scorecard’ can help shippers improve their own turn-around times, detention metrics, dock door scheduling, load tender timing, and fulfillment of volume commitments. We also examine how trade data can be used for supply chain risk management, supplier discovery, price discovery, total landed cost optimization, and competitive intelligence.

Analytics Advantage – Part 3A

Analytics can be used to improve carrier performance, enabling data-driven negotiations, improving delivery performance, reliability, responsiveness, and information sharing.

Geospatial Intelligence: Part Three – Distribution Network Planning, Logistics and Route Optimization, and Supply Chain Risk Management

Geospatial intelligence is vital to successful distribution network planning, logistics/route optimization, and supply chain risk management. Optimizing a distribution network requires location-related data such as consumption patterns by location and drive times from DC locations. Route optimization requires accurate maps, vehicle locations, and traffic patterns. Supply Chain risk involves knowing the actual location of production and sources of supply and tracking relevant events around the world.

Descartes Transforming the Customer Experience

Descartes is elevating and broadening the scope and value of the transportation management function from the traditional behind-the-scenes efficiency and cost control to a more visible, customer-facing role, creating a superior customer experience.

Growing the Network Effect Beyond T&E

SAP Concur recently launched SAP Business Exchange. The vision is bold: to provide an SMB community—across all of SAP and beyond to non-SAP customers—that aggregates purchasing power, provides peer benchmarking, facilitates collaboration, and promotes corporate responsibility. Also at Fusion, we heard about SAP Concur’s continuing progress towards the expense report that writes itself, their use of AI/ML, and other innovations enabling SAP Concur’s clients to simultaneously achieve compliance and employee satisfaction in T&E processes.

Looking Forward to 2019: Hot Topics for the New Year

There were so many interesting developments in 2018 and more to come this year. Here we take a look at what’s happening in autonomous supply chains, omni-channel delivery, AI/machine learning, blockchain for supply chain, checkoutless stores, and self-sovereign ID.

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