Service, maintenance, repair, installation, etc. The logistics and coordination required to perform these.

B2B Communications: Part One – Enabling Global Commerce

Having a robust B2B communications strategy and infrastructure has become critical for B2B business success. The right strategy and infrastructure provide the flexibility to transact business with any and all new customers the way the customer wants it. It provides timely visibility into the supply chain across order-to-cash and purchase-to-pay (P2P) processes while streamlining logistics and global trade.

IoT: From Hype to Adoption – Part One

Small and medium manufacturers and wholesale distributors are trying to determine where IoT fits into their busi­ness strategies, within the constraints of limited budgets, inhouse expertise, bandwidth, and technical resources. This requires prioritizing many potential IoT initiatives. In part one of this two-part series, we look at three areas that manufacturers and distributors are implementing IoT: 1) on the plant floor, 2) in supply chain and logistics, and 3) in service and repair.

LiveWorx 2016: Platforms, Agility, and Journeys

Among the many announcements and sessions at PTC’s LiveWorx conference were three bold moves: 1) becoming a platform company, 2) providing agile development for complex physical things, and 3) creating Journeys for transforming their customer.

ThingX, PTC’s Next Big Thing

When PTC acquired Vuforia (augmented reality tools provider) last October, it seemed like a natural incremental next step in PTC’s strategy. After attending ThingEvent on January 28th, I now think what they are doing with this technology may be one of Jim Heppelmann’s and PTC’s boldest moves yet.

Service Solutions Redefined

Service management solutions have been around for at least two decades. Yet, not all the roles and processes for services had solutions. That is changing.

Field Service Revitalization

Dynamic economy, new technology and transforming business models are catalysts for a growing service software sector.

The Year of the Last Mile

Demand-driven supply chains, new customer service models, and Omni-channel/free delivery are all driving up the cost of transportation. So what does last mile really cost?

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