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The Changing Role of the Supply Chain Manager

This article emphasizes the importance of understanding international laws and regulations for supply chain managers involved in global trade and transportation. It highlights the potential risks and legal consequences of non-compliance with rules related to border security, corporate tax, customs modernization, global sourcing, immigration, intellectual property, and other aspects of international trade.

Continuous vs. Choke-point Tracking of Assets and Loads

The article discusses the use of RFID for tracking mobile assets and loads in the supply chain, comparing two alternative approaches: continuous tracking and choke-point tracking. It highlights the attributes, advantages, and disadvantages of each method, providing insights for companies to make informed decisions when selecting the appropriate tracking approach for their specific needs.

RFID in Clinical Settings

Authorities across the globe recognize the value of sharing patient and remedy data across a network of expert medical practitioners. The concept of “tele-medicine” has been positively received in several geographies, with medical teams collaborating across digital networks –sharing patient data, radiology and exploratory test results. A Single Version of the Truth – SVOT – in order to enable health care practitioners to work in collaboration, across the Chain of Care (Care Chain) is a vision that is achievable through the combination of wireless, wired and network technologies.

RFID in the Healthcare Supply Chain and Cold Chain

This is second in a series of four eLearning workshops on the use of RFID across the end-to-end Life Sciences and Healthcare industries. As a pre-requisite for this workshop, the user should have foundational knowledge of RFID and its use in healthcare, which can be obtained by attending the first eLearning workshop “RFID in Healthcare and Life Sciences”.

Solectron’s Service Success

PDF of Joe Tou’s Presentation on how Solectron provides Outcomes to their customers with Aftermarket Service, at Parallax Views 2005 (Banff).

Navigating the Perfect Storm

PDF of Kristyn Harkins’ Presentation on how J&J is effectively dealing with the transportation capacity crunch, presented at Parallax Views 2005 (Banff).

Next Generation Best Practices in Managing Suppliers

This is Part One of a four-part series of reports on the findings from ChainLink research into the next generation of best practices for managing supplier relationships. This research examined hundreds of companies. Among those, ChainLink interviewed the 30 companies achieving the best sourcing results. This series synthesizes the collective next generation of best practices from those top 30 firms.

Active RFID Solutions begin to take Center Stage

Active RFID is being used more and more to track containers as they move across oceans, provide real-time location of containers in maritime yards, help product flow through customs, reduce demurrage, and increase the throughput of constrained ports.

Supply Chain Economy

The US Labor Department reported an increase in jobs in June and July…but the manufacturing industry cut jobs for a third month in a row.

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