Transportation management, distribution and warehouse management, yard management, reverse logistics

Introduction to ChainLink Research

This 10-minute overview presented by ChainLink CEO, Ann Grackin discusses the impact of changing business models on the supply chain.

Cooperation and Competition in Retailer-Supplier Relationships

They are the best of friends. They are the worst of enemies. That is the paradox of the retailer-supplier relationship: that on the one hand only by a true, close, strategic partnership can both sides succeed, yet on the other hand there is a constant struggle to get the upper hand.

Crowley Maritime Implements GT Nexus

If you are a carrier-ocean, land or air-you know that competition in this market is intense. The pressure to contribute to cost containment and at the same time deliver on time performance is make or break!

International Trade or ITL Adoption

Winning retailers’ philosophy of business is that every product not sitting in front of a customer is an inefficient use of capital.

The Future Logistics Enterprise

This paper will articulate and validate the Future Logistics Enterprise (FLE) vision and objectives for readers such as industry suppliers and partners, members of Congress, members of other governmentagencies, and fellow members of the Department of Defense who needto understand the challenges, and align with the FLE goals.

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