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Measuring Produce Freshness: Part One – Ensuring Delivered Freshness

Freshness ‘blindness’ causes a lot of waste in produce supply chains. Here we explain the role of the Condition-based Expiration Date–a critical element to solving this problem. We look at what it takes to create a reliable and accurate algorithm that models deterioration of different varieties of produce exposed to different temperature histories.

The Evolution of Descartes

Descartes is one of those companies that have weathered many storms and lots of changes in the industry. As technology user sophistication has grown, Descartes has kept up and often led the transportation and global trade sector in providing a platform for 21st century business.

Beyond the Control Zone – Part Three: Higher Value

Knowing we are in a global connected world is one thing, but what to do about it is another.
Importantly, businesses need to find benefits–not just react–and proactively embrace the way we are now.

JDA Focus: Thought Leadership in Practice

As usual, there was a plethora of thought leadership at Focus, JDA’s annual conference. It seems they also realize thought leadership only counts if people actually implement it. They are increasingly focused on ease of implementation and use and broader adoption & so that all that integrated end-to-end intelligence turns into realized value.

IoT Gets Real in 2016

2015 may have been the peak of hype for the Internet of Things, but hype drives investment. We expect that 2016 will see even bigger and broader investments in IoT, as well as a land grab amongst IoT solution providers.

Tackling Profitable Fulfillment in 2016

2016 will be the year of reckoning for many retailers and manufacturers who do ‘fulfillment at any cost.’ Here are some insights on key elements required to fulfill profitability in today’s increasingly demanding competitive environment.

The Coming Wave of Pharma Supply Chain Regulations: Insights from TraceLink NEXUS ’15

New regulations across the globe are coming into effect, requiring pharmaceutical manufacturers, distributors, dispensers, and others up and down the chain to build serialization, verification, and traceability into the supply chain. At TraceLink’s NEXUS ’15 conference, we learned a lot about the impact of these new requirements, how companies are responding, and whether there is an ROI beyond compliance.

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