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Last mile delivery to businesses and homes, including parcel, white glove and installations–solutions, strategies, processes, practices, etc.

Last Mile Delivery Excellence – Part One: Perfecting the Customer’s Experience

Customers’ expectations for delivery excellence continue to climb for faster, error-free delivery, more granular visibility, more convenience, and increased flexibility. Here we discuss specific strategies and capabilities that leading companies are using to try and perfect the customer’s delivery experience, such as via hyperlocal delivery, dynamic dispatch and routing, adaptable workflows, dwell time reduction, real-time visibility, expanding the range of delivery windows, locations, and options, sustainable delivery, last minute rescheduling, and more

Retails’ Climate Change Responsibility – Part Two: Diverse Strategies for Rapidly Reducing Transportation Emissions

We examine strategies and techniques for making near-term reductions to carbon emissions from transportation, such as improving driving behavior and vehicle performance, minimizing and optimizing returns, increasing first-attempt delivery rates, consolidation and mix-mode strategies, integrating private fleet with purchased transportation, and forecast accuracy and inventory optimization for hyperlocal distribution.

Infrastructure Is the Starting Point

Retail and Supply Chain with warehouse fulfillment, service management, and manufacturing are going through a vast make-over. Why?
We need the data. And we need it now. It’s great to talk about IoT, but you need the infrastructure in place to collect that data. And that can be expensive—really expensive. Therefore, we need a range of solutions appropriate for each facility and pocketbook.

Is the Tail Wagging the Dog? NRF Observations

The changes in retail are generational. And technology is upside down with the so-called added-ons, niches and best of breeds actually driving the change. The tails are wagging the dogs.


In the last few years the purchase price to acquire a tech company in the global logistics and trade management sky-rocketed. These are really big deals! The latest from acquisitive Descartes and E2open.

Descartes Scores More Points in the Visibility Game with Acquisition of MacroPoint

Lack of precision to create reliable outcomes plagues the logistics process. With zeal and lots of money, companies are trying to plug the hole in visibility with a huge array of systems and technology. Of late, billions of dollars have been poured into the Logistics technology market to provide end-to-end visibility.

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