Global Trade Management

GTM including import and export regulatory/trade compliance and customs filings, order processing, global trade data analysis, total landed cost analysis, logistics, etc.

It’s Late. Do You Know Where Your Supply Chain Is?

The Russo-Ukrainian war has put into focus the question of the proper role for responsible enterprises in response to abuses by authoritarian regimes. Here we look at some of the challenges and solutions to managing an ethical supply chain.

NAFTA – Supply Chain at Risk?

With withdrawal from the TransPacific Partnership and threats of withdrawal from NAFTA, enterprises and employees should reach out to their congress members and let them know how they feel. The stakes are too high.


Descartes and IFS make major acquisitions.

Supply Chain Renaissance

Supply Chain inter-enterprise platforms support end-to-end transactions and collaboration.

Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarders at the Crossroads

At the crossroads, many freight forwarders have some fundamental questions as they contemplate the road ahead. What will we provide our customers in the future? How can we continue to grow and win business–profitably?

The Year of the Last Mile

Demand-driven supply chains, new customer service models, and Omni-channel/free delivery are all driving up the cost of transportation. So what does last mile really cost?

Retailer Collaboration: Managing the Supply Side

We frequently think of retail in terms of merchandising, but these days the supply side is just as interesting, whether it’s product design or collaboration with suppliers for transportation, forecasting, or financial optimization.

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