Omni-channel, multi-channel strategies, solutions, practices, etc.

Looking Forward to 2019: Hot Topics for the New Year

There were so many interesting developments in 2018 and more to come this year. Here we take a look at what’s happening in autonomous supply chains, omni-channel delivery, AI/machine learning, blockchain for supply chain, checkoutless stores, and self-sovereign ID.

Leveraging Global Trade Data-as-a-Service: Part Two – Applications of Trade DaaS

Here we discuss applications of Trade DaaS including ERP/GTM integration, supply chain risk management, sourcing optimization, supplier discovery, price discovery, total landed cost, compliant duty optimization, should-cost modeling, ecommerce, real-time denied party screening, competitive intelligence, lead generation, and KYC.

Advanced Pool Distribution: Part One – How Pool Distribution Works

Pool distribution is a key part of the equation for retailers trying to achieve excellence in store replenishment and omnichannel fulfillment, at the lowest costs. In part one of this series, we examine how pool distribution works and summarize the key difference between advanced vs. basic pool distribution.

NetSuite’s Post-Acquisition Future

Oracle’s acquisition of NetSuite last year was big news in the enterprise solutions arena. At SuiteWorld, we got a sense of what this will mean for NetSuite and its customers.

Stores’ Identity Crisis: The Reimagining of Physical Stores

Free two-day shipping, enormous selections, quick and easy shopping, painless returns, and many other factors have propelled online shopping to become the main driver of growth in retail. So, where does that leave the role of the physical store, now and in the future? Here we look at how retailers are innovating to leverage the unique advantages of the physical store.

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