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Leveraging Global Trade Data-as-a-Service: Part Two – Applications of Trade DaaS

Here we discuss applications of Trade DaaS including ERP/GTM integration, supply chain risk management, sourcing optimization, supplier discovery, price discovery, total landed cost, compliant duty optimization, should-cost modeling, ecommerce, real-time denied party screening, competitive intelligence, lead generation, and KYC.

LiveWorx 17

LiveWorx 17 continues to gain momentum as PTC’s premiere IoT event. PTC conferences have consistently drawn large crowds, but the IoT component has really taken off with both end users as well as partners.

Are You an ‘IoT’ Company?

We all know the IoT space is hot. But should a company position themselves or their product as “IoT”… or Smart, Cloud, Connected, or any of those buzzwords?

Who Owns the Supply Chain Market?

M&As, recent funding, and outright acquisitions make the supply chain market an interesting place to be. But unlike ERP, there are more public companies and still plenty of startups in supply chain. These are signs of innovation as well as future demand.

Customers Want Evidence Before Buying Solutions

At the 1st International CRP Community Meeting in Boston, the best and the brightest Customer Reference Professionals were there. Companies like Cisco, Intel, Siemens, EMC, VMware and many others shared their knowledge and successes.

Trends 2012 – Mobile Mania

The question is not, “Are we going mobile?” The question is, “How are we going to leverage it?” In this report, we explore the rising interest in mobile technology.

When ERP Is Not ERP Any More

ERP goes social and Mobile . . . Visits with Infor, SAP, and Oracle at the National Retail Federation (NRF) 100th Annual Convention and Expo.

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