Demand Management

Demand management such as forecasting, customer analytics, demand generation, demand shaping, pricing, promotion, order management, etc.

JDA Gets in Focus

Updates and Insights from JDA’s FOCUS 2015 Conference.

Retailer Collaboration: Managing the Supply Side

We frequently think of retail in terms of merchandising, but these days the supply side is just as interesting, whether it’s product design or collaboration with suppliers for transportation, forecasting, or financial optimization.

RFID – Why Jeans?

Assortment Planning and Replenishment rely on great data. Can RFID be part of the solution?

Understanding the RFID Renaissance (Part One)

We wanted to find out exactly what is driving the recent growth in RFID in retail. ChainLink surveyed over 120 retailers to find out which use cases are being implemented and which are actually delivering value (where’s the ROI), what strategic goals retailers are trying to realize, and what important lessons could be learned from the current wave of implementations, particularly about why RFID projects succeed or stall.

The Value of Supply Chain Solutions

The supply chain market continues to grow, but is changing in the types of technology that users are interested in and the value they require…

Demand Management: from the Supplier to the Retailer

Winning in the demand management game requires granular visibility of the market, and software that can take action using the many data streams now available. Those who rely solely on spreadsheet analyses may be left behind.

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