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Direct Materials P2P — Part Two: Relationship-Intensity

In our research on direct materials Procure-to-Pay (P2P) processes, we saw tremendous variation between industries or types of companies regarding how they execute P2P. One major difference is the level of ‘relationship-intensity’ for P2P processes, i.e., how much person-to-person negotiation and dialog is required at each stage of P2P for each industry.

Transparent Cost-to-Serve Customer Relationships (TCR) – Part Two: The Journey to TCR

With Transparent Cost-to-serve Customer Relationships (TCR), the salesperson has full visibility into the cost-to-serve implications of the customers’ requests, such as requests for short-supply items, special services, custom pack sizes, specific delivery dates, and frequent small quantity orders. Here we examine a potential path to achieving TCR.

Always On

Are You Always On?
You know you are always on when customers log in at eight pm looking for a next-day delivery.

Highlights from SuiteWorld

From new Omni-Channel capabilities, to integrated Service Resource Planning, great customer stories, and more, there were a lot of sweets at SuiteWorld.

Winning at Home Delivery

Home delivery is the new battlefront in retail. In this report we uncover the myths and the best practices across the globe.

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