Channel Management

Management of channel partners, the distribution chain for manufacturers. In high tech, this includes implementation partners.

End-to-End at E2open

At the recent E2open Leaders’ Forum, we learned more about their vision, approach, and roadmap to providing a comprehensive end-to-end platform and network. Recent acquisitions have punctuated the differences in strategy from other network platform providers.

The Agile Retailer

Retailers need to respond to ever-changing markets and customer tastes with more agile business
models. Agile retailers are moving away from the fixed locations, fixed seasonal models with fixed
notions of style and size to more ever-fresh offerings and new brands that are responsive to specific locations and unique customer lifestyles.

To Have or to Hold

Managing product portfolios to avoid SKU proliferation and gain profits.

Always On

Are You Always On?
You know you are always on when customers log in at eight pm looking for a next-day delivery.

Highlights from SuiteWorld

From new Omni-Channel capabilities, to integrated Service Resource Planning, great customer stories, and more, there were a lot of sweets at SuiteWorld.

Social Supply Chain 2014

Social technology is being added to many of the major supply chain portfolios. But social will manifest differently in the supply chain sphere than in the consumer sphere.

IT vs. OT in Manufacturing: How Will Convergence Play Out?

For much of the last 50 years, IT and OT (Operational Technology) have remained two separate and different worlds. Much of the M&A that has occurred over the last decade has been about consolidation by a few mega-vendors within the IT and OT spaces. As these two worlds come together, how will convergence play out? Will it result in a better outcome for manufacturing customers?

Small and Midsized Companies Have Big Company Needs

Small and midsized businesses (SMBs) have many of the same complexities as large corporations, but with a very different set of constraints. As a result, in the past SMBs did not have access to the same depth of solution functionality available to large enterprises. Increasingly that picture is changing.

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