Retail including online, brick and mortar–promotion, pricing, demand, logistics, procurement, supply chain, returns, etc.

Attacking Invoice Deductions through RFID

RFID makes possible extremely accurate ‘point of shipment’ Advance Ship Notices and ‘point of receipt’ Proof of Delivery documents, greatly reducing discrepancies and resultant invoice deductions, thereby restoring some lost balance to the supplier – customer relationship.

RFID in Retail

RFID can help businesses create ways to see and sense – in real-time, all the time – product consumption, as well as evolve their offerings over time, to continue to meet the needs of an ever more sophisticated and demanding consumer.

Dynamics of the Retailer-Supplier Relationship

In both retail and consumer-product-goods sectors, the gap between winners and losers widens every day. What is it about the winners that makes them more and more successful, extending their lead everyquarter? What are the dynamics driving this “battlefront” between retailersand their suppliers in the struggle for projects, profits, customers and market share? What can trading partners do to win a stronger power position in the supply chain? To answer these questions, ChainLink Research surveyed more than 130 leading retailers and manufacturers. Our unique approach explores the perspective from both sides of the trading-partner link to uncover differences in perception and reveal the myths and the realities.

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