Retail including online, brick and mortar–promotion, pricing, demand, logistics, procurement, supply chain, returns, etc.


In the last few years the purchase price to acquire a tech company in the global logistics and trade management sky-rocketed. These are really big deals! The latest from acquisitive Descartes and E2open.

Descartes Transforming the Customer Experience

Descartes is elevating and broadening the scope and value of the transportation management function from the traditional behind-the-scenes efficiency and cost control to a more visible, customer-facing role, creating a superior customer experience.

Looking Forward to 2019: Hot Topics for the New Year

There were so many interesting developments in 2018 and more to come this year. Here we take a look at what’s happening in autonomous supply chains, omni-channel delivery, AI/machine learning, blockchain for supply chain, checkoutless stores, and self-sovereign ID.

A Potpourri of Predictions for 2017

Here are our predictions for 2017 on automation and autonomous vehicles, IoT, RFID, retail, trade and the world economy, energy, AI, analytics and machine learning, enterprise solutions, and agile development. Something for everyone!

Stores’ Identity Crisis: The Reimagining of Physical Stores

Free two-day shipping, enormous selections, quick and easy shopping, painless returns, and many other factors have propelled online shopping to become the main driver of growth in retail. So, where does that leave the role of the physical store, now and in the future? Here we look at how retailers are innovating to leverage the unique advantages of the physical store.

The Intelligent Integrated Store: MIT Panel Discussion

lululemon, DSW, b8ta, and Zebra technologies presented on a panel at MIT about the intelligent integrated store their visions and current progress towards integrating the various functions, sensors, and systems in a retail store. The goal is to achieve a higher order of intelligence and detailed, granular, near real-time visibility into what is happening with each shopper, each associate, and each item in each store.

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