End-to-end pharmaceutical development and supply chain, including clinical trials, raw materials, APIs, contract manufacturers, brands, distribution, retail, regulations, marketing, etc.

The Coming Wave of Pharma Supply Chain Regulations: Insights from TraceLink NEXUS ’15

New regulations across the globe are coming into effect, requiring pharmaceutical manufacturers, distributors, dispensers, and others up and down the chain to build serialization, verification, and traceability into the supply chain. At TraceLink’s NEXUS ’15 conference, we learned a lot about the impact of these new requirements, how companies are responding, and whether there is an ROI beyond compliance.

Supply Chain Risk Now?

The supply chain business community now includes Risk Management as a business priority and cites it as a key area in need of improvement. Are solution providers ready?

RFID in Pharmaceuticals

The discussion has moved from if to how for many major pharmaceutical manufacturers. The barriers to adoption are down and the benefits are up. So you may have a good reason to look at solutions now.

Cold Chain: A Story of Integration

Solution Providers discuss integration to provide end-to-end Cold Chain Management and traceability – from seed to consumer.

Pharmaceutical Safety ePedigree Pilot Launched by SecureTrace Consortium

A consortium of ten U.K.-based companies, led by Authentix (an authentication and brand protection firm), aims to provide secure serialization and track and trace capability for the pharmaceutical industry. Their solution uses a combination of 2D barcodes, RFID, authentication, serialization, ePedigree, and wireless/mobile technologies to track and validate drugs as they move from the manufacturing plant, through the warehouse/distribution channel, and to the retail drug store or other point of dispensing. This should be helpful in anti-counterfeiting, reducing diversion, and improving drug safety. We’ve seen this movie before (at least a similar one) with California Express, but there are differences too.

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