Consumer Goods

Consumer goods, including CPG, consumer electronics, appliances, home goods, furniture, etc.

It’s 42 Shopping Days till Christmas

Merchandising Methods Redefined. What impact will RFID, Smart Dressing Rooms and Smarter Merchandising software portent for Retailer Success?

The Merged Channel Nirvana

Merged Channel is a hot topic, catapulted by the suddenness of mobile popularity. Beyond the buzz, companies need to provide the right mix of services, messages, and pricing.

To create some clarity, and highlight the warning signs about what can go wrong, ChainLink has teamed up with StorefrontBacktalk to create this timely report. Here are a dozen short focused articles covering everything from what is required for an underlying foundation, to the CEO’s perspective, to lessons learned from recent successes and failures, to how to measure the effectiveness of your channels, campaigns, and initiatives, and more.

In this special issue on Merged Channel, the writers challenge your thinking about what it takes for successful merged channel management.

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