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RFID Renaissance:

In this webinar, we explore key questions on the minds of end users, RFID solution vendors, and investors, including 2014-2020 forecast/market size and growth, key use cases, innovations, and more.

Five Strategies for Managing Inventory in Volatile Times

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The last few years have brought extraordinary challenges to all business–large and small. Many companies have been streamlining operations, changing products and redefining their markets and customers. These big changes have been enabled by companies by adopting new business process and new enterprise technologies.

In this exclusive webinar, ChainLink Research leads an engaging discussion with IPICO, a global high tech manufacturing company, and Upper Playground, a progressive retailer for urban lifestyles, about how they successfully manage their inventory challenges and have improved their companies’ performance, even through volatile times.

In this webinar we discuss five key strategies for enterprises to manage inventory in volatile times:

  1. Create a transparent and responsive business model through enterprise cross-functional integration.
  2. How to improve working capital, yet strike the right balance of inventory to meet volatile demand.
  3. Create global visibility through cloud technologies.
  4. Align and manage day-to-day operations with “C” suite metrics.
  5. Understand and manage financial and supply chain risk.


  • Gordon Westwater, President and CEO, IPICO
  • Aaron Burns, CFO, Upper Playground
  • Ann Grackin, CEO, ChainLink Research

Orthodox vs. Extraordinary: Innovative Marketing and Merchandising Strategies

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Gain insights into the 7 Myths of Merchandising to go from Orthodox to Extraordinary. Customer segmentation and customer engagement are critical for successful merchandising strategies. Customer experience must be designed for today’s consumer to reach them where they are, with new innovative approaches and world class technology. Listen to this lively and enlightening discussion with Ann Grackin and Inez Blackburn.

Inez Blackburn, CEO, Market Techniques and Innovations
Inez has taught international marketing and retailing all over the world and studied consumers and their behaviors with one goal – how to get a greater share of heart. Inez co-authored “Pride Passion and Profit” on growing profitably by dedicating yourself to consistently solving your customers’ problems.
Ann Grackin, CEO, ChainLink Research
Ann has devoted her professional career to bringing innovative practices and technology solutions to her customers, colleagues, and readers.

Managing Supply Chain Risk

In this webinar, we probe beneath the surface on securing the supply chain and reducing risk to understand the real issues, how to address them, and what technologies are most effective.

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2010 New Years Resolution… for Your Supply Chain

New Years is here. A time for reflection, confronting personal and organizational weaknesses, and making our commitments to improve. In our 2010 kickoff webinar recording, we share findings from our recent research on supply chain challenges and obstacles that companies are facing for 2010.

RFID for Manufacturers

How Manufacturers are Improving Processes by Using RFID.

Learn from our survey of 275 manufacturers. We found the actual and potential uses of RFID are astonishingly wide-ranging and diverse.

RFID in the Clinical Environment


ChainLink Research invites you to “RFID in the Clinical Environment”, the third in a series of four educational sessions on RFID in the End-to-End Healthcare Chain. In this 90 minute class at your own desktop, you will learn:

  • Use of RFID in the Clinical Environment – introduction to the use of auto-identification technologies for Admissions, Procedure control, patient monitoring, asset tracking, Pharmaceutical management, Tracking of Pathology Samples, patient discharge and home health care.
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