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Passive UHF RFID Market 2015–2018

UHF RFID technology is experiencing relatively steady adoption at high volumes and healthy grow rates for the first time, founded on stable technology, reduced pricing, and a maturing ecosystem. This in-depth market report provides an overview of the UHF RFID Market, tag market size and growth projections, Reader market overview and innovations, and the impact of the cloud, software, and the Internet of Things on the RFID Market.

RFID Checklist

RFID technology, implementation experience, and value realization have evolved quickly in the last few years. With global standards – not just for hardware, but also data – the confidence of the user community should be high. Read range issues and assurance of reliability are behind us. Today’s obstacles in implementation are merely a lack of imagination. Particularly in closed loop applications, companies are experiencing project success and value from these implementations.

Single Version of the Truth

The accurate and timely sharing of strategy, planning, and execution information across the end-to-end supply chain has become critical. The elimination of trade barriers, and the move to massive outsourcing, especially to low-cost labor countries, has created globally dispersed “virtual corporations,” often with hundreds of intertwined companies involved in bringing each product to market. To survive and thrive, it appears that enterprises will have no choice but to “open the vault” and begin standardizing and sharing data. The new business reality requires synchronizing on a “single version of the truth” (SVoT) across multiple enterprises.

The Parallax View: ChainLink’s Supply Chain Management Model

The impetus for this report came from global supply chain managers involved in managing and transforming supply chains who feel that many of the current industry member organizations and publications do not provide a progressive view or guidance to support their current challenges. Many supply chain organizations focus on professional practices such as certifications in planning and standards alone rather than on the objectives of supply chains themselves – supporting the creation of new markets and creating and enhancing customer value. These are key issues for any enterprise and as such should have the attention of senior management.

RFID for the Customer Experience

RFID can, if implemented correctly, have a significant impact on retail performance. This report takes a look at what is being done by some early adopters.

RFID in Clinical Trials

Estimates for the true cost of drug manufacturing, from drug discovery to commercialization, range from hundreds of millions to billions of dollars. Irrespective of the financial considerations, finding a cure and improving the quality of life for those suffering from disease has immeasurable value. This report shows that reducing the cost of developing drugs, from discovery to the marketplace, translates into a win for everyone in the Life Sciences supply chain.

RFID Hardware – What You Must Know

This report — RFID Hardware — is for two audiences. There is a primer for those who do not have RFID knowledge. Although we use the word primer, we think most people will still learn a bit about RFID, even if they are not a beginner. The second audience is those seeking knowledge about the players in the Market.

RFID in Clinical Settings

Authorities across the globe recognize the value of sharing patient and remedy data across a network of expert medical practitioners. The concept of “tele-medicine” has been positively received in several geographies, with medical teams collaborating across digital networks –sharing patient data, radiology and exploratory test results. A Single Version of the Truth – SVOT – in order to enable health care practitioners to work in collaboration, across the Chain of Care (Care Chain) is a vision that is achievable through the combination of wireless, wired and network technologies.

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