Reports and White papers – complementary

Gratis reports and white papers

Agile Demand-Supply Alignment (3-Part Series)

Findings from our research on Agile Demand-Supply Alignment (ADSA), the capability to effectively realign supply and demand, during execution, in the face of demand volatility and supply disruptions.

The Best of Times, the Worst of Times – Outlook and Actions for 2021 and Beyond

Yes, the Covid-19 pandemic is having colossal impact on our economy and our lives. But looking beyond the pandemic, the planet, society and supply chains are facing challenges as big or not bigger in this new decade. These are dilemmas that will—and are—confronting the heart of our values and responsibilities as supply chain professionals and the organizations we support.
This article examines what are the forces that have created these dilemmas and what can we do about them going forward.

AI in Supply Chain – Some Definitions

If we are going to invest in AI and Machine Learning technology with the goal to improve our Supply Chain performance, we must have a working knowledge of just what AI/ML is.

The media is filled with stories about AI. But there is scant information related to AI for the Supply Chain. Looking for some clarity? There are plenty of obtuse definitions on the web, but almost none of them tell you what AI does for Supply Chain. These definitions will.

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